Guideline for Personalization

Our Personalized Necklace is a unique piece with a few unique ordering instructions.


First, check out the guidelines for submitting your footprint sample:

  • Footprint image should be submitted jpeg. file
  • The distance between left footprint and right footprint can be adjusted to fit well in the pendant. If you want to keep the original version without any adjustment, please let us know in email. 
  • Use dark ink without minimum stains for footprint sample.
  • Sample should have minimal shadows.


Second, check out the guidelines for submitting your text:
  • Front: Name or Message can go under the foot print.
    • For Coin Pendant: Maximum 15 words including space.
    • For Square Pendant: Maximum 10 words including space.  
  • Back: Phone number or Birthday can be engraved. Maximum 10 numbers.
Once you’ve made sure the sample meets the above criteria, go ahead and make a purchase for our Personalized Necklace.